The Bar

We pride ourselves on a great selection of some of our favorite beer and wine, tons of local and Texas brew. Inside you’ll find a large U shaped bar, and outside we have a large wrap around deck, with picnic tables and umbrellas to boot. See our beer and wine lists below, and realize, we rotate from time to time, so things may change.


Beer Selection:

On tap we rotate 18 of our favorite craft beers.  We promise you wont be disappointed.

By the can:

Blackthorn Cider

Avery White Rascal

Mama’s Little Yella Pils

SKA True Blonde

Harpoon Summer

Brooklyn Summer

Brooklyn Lager Tallboys

Six Point Resin Ale

Six Point Righteous Ale

Six Point Sweet Action Pale Ale

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Dale’s Pale Ale

Happy Camper IPA

Guinness Stout

Miller Light Tallboys

Bud Light Tallboys

Coors Light Tallboys

Dos XX Tallboys

Shiner Light Blonde

Shiner Bock

Blue Moon

Stella Artois Tallboys


Wine Selection:



Tortoise Creek – Pinot Noir                  FR

Heron – Pinot Noir                                 CA

La Fiera – Montepulciano                    IT

Lamplighter – Merlot                             CA

Fat Monk – Merlot                                  CA

Velvet Devil – Merlot                              WA

Lamplighter – Cabernet                         CA

The Franc – Cabernet                             CA

Chateau Smith – Cabernet                     WA

Cigar Zin – Zinfandel                              CA

Boom Boom – Syrah                                WA

Revolution – Malbec                               AR




Secco – Sparkling Rose                            IT

Secco – Moscato                                         IT

Kung Fu Girl – Riesling                           WA

Fire Road – Sauvignon Blanc                CA

Heron – Sauvignon Blanc                      CA

La Fiera – Pinot Grigio                           IT

Vino – Pinot Grigio                                 WA

Lamplighter – Chardonnay                  CA

Fat Monk – Chardonnay                       CA

Eve – Chardonnay                                   WA



8150 Washington
Houston TX 77007

Mon-Fri: 2 PM - 12 AM
Sat-Sun: 12 PM - 12 AM

832 494 1600

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